InteliSum Incorporated(ISI) was launched in April 2006 with the vision of capturing real world environments in 3D by fusing data from Light Detection and Ranging (LiDAR) scanners with digital images and Global Positioning Systems (GPS) coordinates in real time. ISI has secured an exclusive license from Utah State University to achieve fusion of XYZ LiDAR points with red, green, blue (RGB) pixels and added the fusion of Global Positioning Systems (GPS) coordinates to create the Intelligent Pixel.

Since inception, ISI has grown into a high technology company embarking on pilgrimage to aggregate a divided Architecture Engineering Construction (AEC) market. ISI provides scanning services using a combination of 3D imagery and geospatial positioning that imbues each pixel with exact coordinate locations. This results in mathematically precise and visually correct, 3D "as built" models of the target asset. These "as built" models can be used for collaboration purposes during the renovation of capital assets to reduce downtime and eliminate rework.

The InteliSum solution provides a platform from which asset owners and managers can gain additional transparency across the entire asset lifecycle through collaboration of visually accurate and dimensionally correct 3D "as built" models in real time, providing significant control mechanisms in each key phase (design, build, maintenance, decommissioning) of asset workflow.

InteliSum software is based on an application platform built from the ground up to support 3D laser scanning data fused with real world imagery. The application platform architecture supports third party plug-in extensions that can be used to automate the workflow required to effciently renovate large capital assets.