University Venture Fund (UVF) is the only independent fund run almost entirely by college students. These student associates manage almost all aspects of the investment process, including deal sourcing, investment analysis, and portfolio monitoring. They also assist with many of the day to day operations of the fund like recruiting, training new associates, and managing our yearly University Private Equity Summit.

UVF student associates are among the top in their respective classes and go through a rigorous recruiting process that requires them to demonstrate their analytical abilities and desire through a mock investment analysis and recommendation process. Associates are recruited from the University of Utah, Brigham Young University, and Westminster College. They come from diverse majors such as finance, biology, computer science, physics, economics, entrepreneurship, chemistry, and engineering. Although most associates are undergraduate students, we also have a number of MBA, law, and PhD students that offer a unique perspective based on their experiences and education.

UVF associates place exceptionally well. By building on their raw talent, UVF helps student associates gain the necessary skills and experiences to have a step on the competition through the hiring process. They go on to work in some of the best investment banks, management consulting firms, private equity and venture capital firms, and entrepreneurial ventures in the country. Even after their time at UVF, alumni of the program continue to cite how the strong alumni network has helped them continue to achieve their long-term career goals.